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participant covenant


participant covenant


In order to include outsiders into our ministry context we need a high commitment to serve, love, listen and honor. We can’t have visitors do anything to hinder the on-going work of the gospel in our context and expect every participant to sign the Code of Conduct. If you are still deciding to apply, check it out to make sure you can sign it.



As a representative of Jesus and the Underground Haiti community among the poor, I realize that I represent an ongoing partnership that needs to be nurtured because it will exist long after I have gone. For that reason and for the sake of the kingdom I agree to the following code of conduct while I am overseas:


  1. I will be slow to speak and quick to LISTEN. // Get and stay in a posture of learning and not teaching. If you share or teach something do so reluctantly and only because you are asked, and because it is an act of service.

  2. I will always SERVE. // Make servanthood the primary mode of acting in this new culture and context. Seek first to serve and not to be served, but be willing to experience both.

  3. I will HONOR the people and culture. // Remember the phrase “different not bad”. There will be things that seem strange to you (both culturally and spiritually) but make your first reaction one of inquiry not judgment, one of trust and not suspicion.

  4. I will walk in HUMILITY.  // In all things assume the low seat at the table, believing that no task assignment or question is beneath you.  

  5. I will EAT what is set before me.  // Accept the people and the gifts you are offered, especially when it comes to food. Celebrate a people’s food and you celebrate them.

  6. I will LOVE. //  Give yourself fully to the people and the customs you encounter. Enjoy them and they will enjoy you. Fall in love with Jesus inside his people in this unique place in the Earth and you will fulfill the law of love.