How We Started

In the spring of 2001, Watson returned o Haiti for the first time in 14 years on a mission trip with the Intervarsity Christian Fellowship. While there, God placed on his heart to befriend the men in Leogane, Haiti. From there, a unity in brotherhood in Christ was formed and that began Alpha Omega Psi Fraternity, Incorporated (AQPsi). This began a relationship with the people in the Leogane area that led to the micro church Promesse de Dieu (Promise of God) which works with Haitian women in Leogane and Tampa, Florida.

AGPsi and PROMESSE de DIEU are micro churches with the purpose of empowering Haitian men and women, responding to community needs, and restoring the Haitian families in Jesus' name for the sake of His Kingdom. The relationship with the men and women in Leogane is one that is beyond just giving hand outs. The men and women are encouraged and ampowered to use their education or special talents to share with their community. The dream of Haiti Underground is to see Haitians living surrendered lives to Jesus, missionaries being sent out, and each village becoming self-sufficient.

Our Passion

Our passion, is for the poor and the lost. We empower communities to reach and serve the people who exist at the margins of the church as we know it. We believe that intimacy with God and commitment to His mission will mean prioritizing the poor and the lost. We also believe that discipleship of believers happens best and most significantly while obeying Jesus and following Him into his mission, We are convinced that every believer is called uniquely by God into community and mission. Therefore, we empower believers to seek the heart of God in prayer to know their unique calling and to find a community where they can live it out. We then work to mobilize communities to meet the needs of the world around us and to proclaim the Good News of the Kingdom.